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beekeeping demonstration
If you are thinking about raising honey bees this year, attend the Toe Cane Beekeepers Association’s […]
Beekeepers, queen rearers and educators Ang Roell and Bi Kline of They Keep Bees in an apiary.
Well-known beekeepers, queen rearers and educators Ang Roell and Bi Kline of They Keep Bees will be speaking in Burnsville on March 11.
Beekeepers opening a hive
As spring approaches and the bees start flying, the Toe Cane Beekeepers Association is hosting three […]
Bryan Fisher, master beekeeper
Bryan Fisher, a Certified Master Beekeeper and well-known breeder of queen bees, will speak at the February 28th meeting of the Toe Cane Beekeepers Association
Ed with a swarm
A letter discussing membership, the NCSBA spring show, the $10 challenge, a bee health survey, and the varroa management guide.
Beehives in an apiary
The Toe Cane Beekeepers Association (TCBA), serving Mitchell, Avery and Yancey counties, has elected a new slate of officers to serve for the next year.
Winners, Honey
The beekeepers who produced the area’s best tasting honey were chosen on Wednesday, October 19, at […]
Come and Taste the Best Honey Produced in Our 3-County AreaWhat’s the best-tasting honey in Mitchell, […]
Helping beekeepers be successful is Jon Robertson’s goal.  Jon is our featured speaker at the Sept. […]