Beehives in an apiary

The Toe Cane Beekeepers Association (TCBA), serving Mitchell, Avery and Yancey counties, has elected a new slate of officers to serve for the next year.

Ed Geouge was re-elected president and Ann Coomber is serving a second term as treasurer. Susan Spruill, who has served as an officer in the past, was elected vice president, and David Reeder was elected secretary.

“I’d like to thank our outgoing board members for their many hours of hard work and welcome our new board members,” said Geouge. “We have a number of initiatives planned in 2023 to further our goals of educating and supporting beekeepers, including guest speakers, our mentoring program, and hands-on training in local bee yards.”

Supporting Local Beekeepers

There are about 15,000 beekeepers across North Carolina, most of whom are backyard beekeepers with just a handful of hives.

“Honeybees are an important agricultural resource,” said Shane Biddix, agriculture agent for Mitchell County Extension. “In addition to producing honey, bees are responsible for pollinating apples, blueberries and many other fruits and vegetables grown locally.”

The association serves beekeepers with anywhere from one to 100 hives and offers a range of educational and support services for beekeepers and those just starting or interested in keeping bees.

If you wish to learn more, visit the Toe Cane Beekeepers Association online at Interested parties may join online and existing members can pay their 2023 dues by clicking the “join” button at the top of the website.



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