When Bees Swarm

Swarming is natural for honey bees. When she outgrows a hive, the queen takes a portion of the bees and moves out, leaving a new queen behind to manage the old hive. The bees form a cluster, or swarm, which can be as big as a basketball, while scout bees search for a new home.

What is unnatural is when a swarms hangs onto a tree for several days, moves into a building, or tries to establish a hive somewhere bees don’t belong, like in your attic or on your porch!

If you see a swarm or if bees move into your house, barn, garage, shed or other structure, use the link below to contact a nearby TCBA beekeeper. As a service to the community, our members will try to rescue the swarm and/or remove it from your structure, and find it a more appropriate home.