Toe Cane Beekeeper

The TCBA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association dedicated to helping bees and beekeepers flourish in our neighboring communities. We achieve our goals via education, outreach, cooperation and mentoring.

Bee school attendees prepare to open a hive.

Our Goals


To promote the practice and enjoyment of beekeeping.


To learn more about honey bees, bee evolution and beekeeping techniques. We conduct classes and seminars, host speakers are are constructing an educational apiary.

Educating Others

To engage in educational and helpful activities focused on honey bees and beekeeping and related activities as a common foundation. We often speak to local schools and to other organizations.


The club meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month, February through October.

Meetings are usually in person but may be via Zoom.

Please see our event schedule for upcoming meetings.


Speakers from around the region and around the country join us to share helpful how-to information, new techniques, and their beekeeping adventures.

Attendance is free, but membership is encouraged.

State Affiliation

We are a chapter of the N.C. State Beekeepers Association. One of the largest state bee associations in the country, the NCSBA has more than 4,000 members and has multiple programs for beekeepers.

We suggest joining them as well.

Support the TCBA

Your donation helps support the TCBA and allows us to bring in speakers and educators to help our members become better beekeepers. We are also accepting donations to build and equip our new educational apiary.