Why Be a Beekeeper?

You might consider becoming a beekeeper for any number of reasons

You love honey

You want to produce your own honey because you love it and like its healthy properties.

To save the Bees

You want to help save the bees and feel becoming a beekeeper is the right thing to do environmentally.

To benefit your Crops

You have a garden or farm and want bees to pollinate your crops, which can help increase your yield.

Bees are fascinating

You think bees are fascinating creatures and enjoy learning about them as they go about their business. 

A Family Hobby

You have kids and think beekeeping would be a great family hobby or a homeschool project.

A Side Gig

You are looking for a side gig you can do in your spare time that lets you work outdoors.

Beekeeping is a fun and rewarding hobby

There are many good reasons to become a beekeeper, but regardless of why they started most beekeeepers continue raise bees because they enjoy the challenge and find it to be a fun and rewarding hobby.

Minimal investment 

Cost for a single hive, bees and equipment start at $500 to $700 if you don’t build it yourself.

It’s easy to get started

It’s easy to get started and there are plenty of available resources, including the TCBA.

No pet sitter required

If you go to the beach for a week, the bees will manage just fine without you.

Learning Opportunities

Despite raising bees for thousands of years, there is much we don’t know. Beekeeping continues to evolve, and you can evolve and grow with it.

A good weekend hobby

Unlike most livestock, keeping bees requires only a few hours a week during the busy season.

Get Tuned into nature

As you raise bees, you will become more attuned to the natural world around you, the seasons, your microclimate, and what blooms when and where.