Buy local nucs from fellow TCBA members

Below are TCBA members who have or expect to have nucs available for sale in the spring of 2023

This list is provided as a service to our members who are looking to purchase bees. It is not an endorsement of the seller and the TCBA is not a party to the sale. Buyers should contact the seller to coordinate purchase and schedule pick up.

Want to be listed as a seller?

Bees on freshly drawn comb
Performing an Easy Check alcohol wash to check for varroa. © copyright Camilius Lay. Used with permission.

Avery County

Deborah Griffith, 828-707-1417, please text or email

Type: Medium frames

Availability: April

Queens are marked

Price: $180

Yancey County

Ann & Jim Coomber, 828 678 0539

Type: Medium frame nucs available. Layans nucs may also available. Diverse, locally raised queens and hardy bees with proven overwintering record.  

Availability:  May

Queens are marked

Price: $210 – Pricing varies by nuc size.

Edward Geouge, 828-284-5599

Type: Both medium and deep nucs will be available

Availability: March and April

Queens are marked

Price: $175 for medium framed nucs, $200 for deep framed nucs