Beekeeper Leigh Knott, host of the podcast Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm

Beekeeper Leigh Knott, host of the podcast Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm, will be the guest speaker Tuesday, March 28th, at the Toe Cane Beekeepers Association’s monthly meeting.  She will discuss the three vital components of making a great split and share some specialty split recipes that she has found useful but are rarely taught.

She will also talk about how she uses splits and brood breaks to manage her hives in a treatment-free environment. 

“Understanding splits is important for anyone who wants to expand their apiary or sell nucs,” said Knott.  “For example, by splitting my existing hives, I’ve been able to sustain my apiary for more than a decade without buying bees.”

The meeting will be held at the Trinity Episcopal Church, 15 Hemlock Avenue, Spruce Pine, beginning at 6:30 p.m., and is open to the public.

Knott has been keeping bees for more than 13 years and currently manages a dozen hives in the South Toe Valley.  Her podcast, Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm, can be found at PodBean, Apple, Spotify or wherever you download your podcasts.  Episode 107 “Coming out of winter and HELLO AGAIN” was released earlier this month.

The Toe Cane Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization serving the bees and beekeepers of Mitchell, Avery, and Yancey counties. It offers educational and training opportunities throughout the year for new and experienced beekeepers and engages in community outreach through area schools and at special events. TCBA members meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month in Spruce Pine.


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