Dr. David Tarpy

The guest speaker at the Toe Cane Beekeepers Association’s April 25 meeting will be Dr. David Tarpy, N.C. State Professor of Applied Ecology. Dr. Tarpy is also the NC Extension Apiculturist and his program runs the Queen & Disease Clinic and the Beekeeper Education & Engagement System (BEES).

Dr. Tarpy’s expertise in the biology and behavior of honeybees, and particularly queen bees, and the many research projects coming out of his lab make him a highly sought-after speaker for bee clubs around the country.

On the 25th, Dr. Tarpy will address managing honeybees coming out of winter, which is a particularly difficult time for beekeepers. Honeybee populations rapidly increase in the spring, but cold weather may limit the amount of nectar and pollen available for them to forage, which presents beekeepers with management challenges. Early hive management is also important for beekeepers interested in maximizing the size of their honey harvest.

The TCBA meeting will be held at the Trinity Episcopal Church, 15 Hemlock Avenue, Spruce Pine, beginning at 6:30 p.m., and is open to the public. Members who cannot attend in person can join via Zoom. Look for the link and more information on the TCBA’s Events Page.

Zoom Meeting ID: 846 1928 5689
Zoom Passcode: 234234


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