Helping beekeepers be successful is Jon Robertson’s goal.  Jon is our featured speaker at the Sept. 27 meeting of Toe Cane Beekeepers Association. He is the owner of Hoopers Creek Bee Company in Asheville.

The meeting begins at 6:30 Trinity Episcopal Church, 15 Hemlock Ave. in Spruce Pine. Meetings are open to the public.

Jon and his wife Claudia started keeping bees in the Spring 2018. After a failed first season, he met the next season with determination and more knowledge. Learning from their past mistakes, Jon and Claudia are now managing a few hundred hives, as well as operating Hoopers Creek Bee Company’s retail store, which is fully stocked with equipment of all kinds of beekeeping needs. They also sell nucs in the spring. 

Jon has a passion to share what he has learned over the years by constantly educating himself and using a lot of common sense.  This passion is fueled by helping other beekeepers be successful by spreading his knowledge and by stocking Hoopers Creek Bee Store with only the best equipment, which is all made in the USA.  All are invited to stop into the store, but plan on spending a good chunk of time there because once you get him talking about bees it’s hard to get him to stop.

Jon will be talking to us about what’s happening to our bees in September, including getting our bees ready for winter, feeding, mite treatments and hive manipulations to ensure strong colonies that survive the winter.

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