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Bees of the World

by Charles D. Michener

A comprehensive look at the thousands of species of bees, including the honey bee. Beautifully illustrated.




How-to-do-it Book of Beekeeping

by Richard Taylor

A practical, hands-on guide from  the 1970s.

First Lessons in Beekeeping

by Keith S. Deleplane

As the name implies, this is a good resource for new beekeepers by the first family of beekeeping.

Following the Bloom:
Across America with the Migratory Beekeepers

By Doulgas Whynott

In what may be the hardest job in beekeeping, migratory beekeepers follow the crops with their truckloads of bees to help farmers pollinate their crops.

The Joys of Beekeeping

by Richard Taylor

If you are not a beekeeper this book may convince you to take up the hobby. One of the few beekeeping books that is more inspirational than instructional.

Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture

by Ross Conrad

Discusses organic, natural methods for  raising and breeding bees, including  non-toxic methods for controlling mites.

The Practical Beekeeper

by Michael Bush

Need to know if this is all three volumes or the beekeeping naturally edition

Garden’s Way Practical Beekeeping
Practical Bee-Keeping

by Herbert Mace

An introduction to the basic techniques of beekeeping. A good book for beginners. 

The New Starting Right with Bees

by Kathy Summers and the Editorial Staff of Bee Culture Magazine

40 years of the collective wisdom from the staff of Bee Culture magazine.  Includes everything you need to get started right with bees.


Africanized Honey Bees in NC
Bees: Tales from the Hive

Produced by and first seen on NOVA

Follow bees into their hive and get a first-hand glimpse at the inner workings of their lives. includes amazing up-close footage. 

City of Bees: A Children’s Guide to Bees

Follow young Oliver and his friends as they help a beekeeper care for his hives, learning a tremendous amount along the way.

Ulee’s Gold

Who knew Peter Fonda played beekeeper or that a teenage Jessica Biel was so talented? Add a little action, lots of bees, tupulo honey, and some personal angst and you’ve got a movie.

Bienenhaltung in der Rotation

Translates as Beekeeping in Rotation

Vanishing of the Bees

A documentary

An investigative look at the economic, political and ecological implications of the vanishing honey bee. A must watch for anyone who wants to help Save the Bees.

Beekeeping Classes, 101, 102 and 103

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